The insecticide is applied to the ceiling/wall interface (coving) and floor/wall interface (skirting) in every room - sometimes it is applied in wardrobes however it is not applied directly to clothing, soft toys, cushions etc.

Pre-Treatment Advice

1. Clear all material within 30cm (1 foot) of the skirting in all rooms - do not worry about the "big stuff" wardrobes etc - we will deal with this.

2. Vacuum/clean the area in front of the skirting prior to the treatment, if you wish, as we require no vacuuming/cleaning in these area for 8 weeks after the treatment.

3. You cannot be in the rooms when we are treating and you should remain clear of the rooms for 4 hours after the treatment.

Post-Treatment Advice

1. Do NOT clean, vacuum, paint or decorate in the areas that have been treated for 8 weeks following the treatment - light vacuuming/brushing in the centre areas of the rooms is OK.

2. Do not apply any other insecticide or any other treatment.

3. BE PATIENT - the treatment is based on "breaking the lifecycle" of the insect and requires anything in the egg/larval/pupal states to emerge before the insecticide can eradicate it - this inevitably takes some time - you will get some relief within 24 hours however the treatment can take 8 weeks to be fully complete.